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First Coast Pickleball

Refund Policy

First Coast Pickleball Leagues

First Coast Pickleball LLC may, in good faith, issue refunds for the entirety (or 100%) of the amount paid as membership at any point. We understand that “stuff” happens, and we also understand that if you’ve paid expecting to play, but do not get to play, you are entitled to reimbursement. The policies outlined below are standard practice in protecting our bottom-line, for example: against bad actors.


Membership Refund Policy is as follows:

  • Members may request a refund of membership at any point before team registration closes for a full refund minus administration fee.
  • Members requesting refund after team registration closes may receive a refund up to 100% of the membership fee minus administration fee.
  • Members requesting refund after a season has started are only eligible for a percentage, at our discretion, of their fee minus administration fee.
  • If an injury or other personal matter occurs that would prevent a member from participating, please message us to potentially work something out.
  • Refunds of up to 100% may occur when a season of play does not happen. 


Due to the amount of work and planning needed to setup and run any pickleball league, an administration fee of $5 per membership is non-refundable.

“Up to” terminology: Please see our discretion reasoning on why we say “up to”.

Discretion reasoning: The amount is up to our discretion, due to the fact that a player could request refund, or multiple refunds if they are on multiple teams, at a pivotal time in the scheduling process that could result in leagues falling apart. This includes deception of any manner, sandbagging, etc.

Membership, and membership fee, is described as having paid an amount to First Coast Pickleball or any entity that we work with, separate from a donation or sponsorship, that would result in us receiving any portion of the amount you paid.