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First Coast Pickleball

Participant Disclaimer

Participant Disclaimer for First Coast Pickleball LLC


Thank you for joining First Coast Pickleball LLC! Your participation is valued, and we want to ensure a positive experience for everyone. Before engaging in our activities, please take a moment to review and acknowledge the following terms:


Assumption of Risk: Participation in pickleball involves physical activity. By participating, individuals acknowledge and accept the inherent risks associated with the sport.


Health Considerations: Prior to engaging in First Coast Pickleball LLC activities, participants are encouraged to ensure their overall well-being and consult with a healthcare professional if necessary.


Safety Protocol: Participant safety is our top priority. All participants are expected to adhere to safety guidelines, rules, and instructions provided.


Liability Release: To the extent permitted by law, participants release First Coast Pickleball LLC, its organizers, and affiliated entities from any liability related to injuries, damages, or losses during league activities.


Media Consent: Participants grant permission for the use of photographs, videos, or other media captured during events for promotional and informational purposes.


Event Adjustments: First Coast Pickleball LLC reserves the right to make adjustments, reschedule, or cancel events due to unforeseen circumstances or factors beyond our control.


Sportsmanship Standards: Participants are expected to maintain a high standard of sportsmanship, showing respect for fellow players, officials, and the integrity of the game.


By participating in First Coast Pickleball LLC activities, individuals affirm their understanding and acceptance of these terms. For any inquiries, please contact us at


Thank you for being part of the First Coast Pickleball LLC community. We look forward to a successful and enjoyable season!


Best regards,

First Coast Pickleball LLC Team